Grow your way to health

There's nothing like eating a fresh vegetable from your very own garden. Nurturing a tomato plant in a backyard garden and watching it grow to become food on the table can be very gratifying. Eating a crisp cucumber or a sweet bell pepper picked the same day not only delights your taste buds, it also nourishes your body like a store bought vegetable never could. If you’ve never planted a garden before, why not consider the many health benefits of growing your own food?

Going Green: The benefits of exercising outdoors

Stepping outside into the warmth of a summer day is one of my favorite moments of the year. After a long cold winter, those first few bursts of summer air seem to rejuvenate my weather worn soul. That mental health reboot is just one of the many benefits the great outdoors has to offer, and believe it or not, our ancestors have something to do with it.

Keeping the brain healthy as you age

Here’s a new twist on those old resolutions. Have you ever thought about getting your brain in shape? Keeping your brain active is equally as important as being physically active. And like any other part of your body, your brain needs to be worked out to stay healthy. So maybe it’s time to put the brain on a fitness program. Ready, set, learn!

Happy Anniversary - Victoria Lifeline turns 30!

Victoria Lifeline installed their very first client on May 18, 1988. He was an 84-year-old gentleman named Murray who immediately felt more confident with a Lifeline help button on his wrist. When interviewed about Lifeline all those years ago, Murray declared, “If anything happened, I know I could reach out and touch someone.”

Learning to live healthy has never been so easy!
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